Data Modeling

By definition, a data model is a conceptual illustration of the data structures that are needed by a database. The data structures comprise the data objects and the associations between the objects, and the rules that govern object operations (Reingruber and William, 1994). This paper looks at a drama student club that I am a member with the data entities and their relationship.

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. They are usually identifiable concepts, either abstract or concrete, such as places, person, events, or things that have significance to the database. Data modeling is important since modeling is possibly the most time-consuming and labor intensive part of the development process and guarantees that all data objects needed by the database are accurately and completely represented. Since the data model uses simple notations and language, it can be evaluated and verified as accurate by the end-users.

Batini, C., Ceri, S., Kant, S & Navathe, B. (1991). Conceptual Database Design: An
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