Cyber defense/attack

Cyber defense/attack

Cyber defense/attack

Cyber defense/attack:It refers to the approaches taken for the purpose of protecting networks and computers. (Saydjari, 2004, p.52). The primary cause that led to the rise of cyber defense was the need for countries to protect their military systems against the risks of nuclear attacks from other countries.

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Any government should not underestimate the importance of a Cyber Defense Task Force. Enemy countries can perpetrate cyber-attacks, and if a country doesn’t have proper protection from such countries, information about the government, military and economy can be accessed.

Jensen, E. T. (2009). Cyber warfare and precautions against the effects of attacks. Tex. L. Rev., 88, 1533.

, R., Benzel, T., Bishop, M., Braden, B., Brodley, C., Fahmy, S., … & Wu, S. F. (2004). Cyber defense technology networking and evaluation. Communications of the ACM, 47(3), 58-61.

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