Cyber crime

Methods and mechanisms used by Cyber criminals

Cyber crime

Cyber crime:  is any criminal activity aided by computers and the internet. Cyber crime traditionally entails abuse and misuse of computers and the internet resulting in losses. Modern cyber crime “ involves unauthorized access, dissemination, manipulation, destruction, manipulation, destruction, or corruption of electronically stored data (Britz, 2013).”Methods and mechanisms used by Cyber criminals

Perpetrators of cybercrime use different methods and mechanisms to conduct their criminal activities on the internet. This paper will entail a summary on the current methods and mechanisms that cyber criminals utilize from their toolkits.

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Traditional cybercrime was mainly based on only one aspect of the internet and computers, anonymity. There were no established statues meant for combatting cybercrime. Prosecution required physical proof and one could commit crimes using computers without leaving the house.

In conclusion, cybercrime has become rampant with the increased use of computers and the internet. Methods and mechanisms used by Cyber criminals.Despite the remedies implemented, cybercriminals are discovering new methods and tools to circumvent the security, and safety measure implemented.

Britz, M. (2013). Computer forensics and cyber crime: An introduction (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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