Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Advertising in the business arena is a form of marketing a message that can be used either to encourage, persuade or to manipulate the audience. It may target the viewers, readers, listener or at times a target group. It aims at influencing the targeted audience to take action in a particular way or to drive them to the desired goal.

It is commonly used to drive customers to a commercial offering but is also used in politics to popularize a person’s ideologies. Advertising messages are habitually waged by the sponsors and passed on through the media. The channels commonly used are the mass media such as newspaper, television, magazines and radio advertisement.

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The advertiser appeals to consumer needs and motivations whereas Maslow was talking about human needs and motivations. The advertisers take advantage of this thin gap in differentiating the two and subconsciously lures into joining the two concepts thus seducing the customer into buying.

Advertisements if well used can be a weapon that leads a person into impulse buying and spending all in an effort to fill the need created by the advertiser. It is, therefore, critical that individuals find a way to differentiate between the needs.

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