Customer Satisfaction. Research Methods

Customer Satisfaction. Research Methods

Customer Satisfaction. Research Methods.

Customer Satisfaction. Research Methods: Customer satisfaction is one of the most important elements when it comes to customer retention, customer loyalty and the repurchase if the product (Arber, 2001).

This is an art that revolves around customer satisfaction with an aim of strategic planning, focusing on creating and reinforcing pleasurable experiences to add new customers and retain the existing customers.

For this to happen in any company, a customer satisfaction survey must be conduct in order to gather nay baseline insights for creating and reinforcing pleasurable experiences.

From these insights, companies start understanding customer’s experiences, what they like in the company’s business activities and calibrating big business decisions off form data rather than making hypothetical assumptions (Morse & Field, 1996).

The survey conducted was aim at determining the importance of customer attachment to various attributes like technology and customer service aspects, to determine the customer perception of the performance of the bank,

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This survey sough to achieve three objectives states above. And the results showed that on average customers attach high importance to the service attributes. The survey also demonstrate the sort of customer satisfaction benchmarking that could be incorporate in service improvement (Robson, 1993).

It was recommend that these surveys be done on a regular basis. In order to understand and track changes in customer priorities. This will require that customer databases are regularly update. And new clients are made aware of the importance of the surveys.


Arber S 2001. Designing samples. In: Gilbert N, ed. Researching Social Life. London: SAGE Publications.

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