Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Management and Empowerment

Customers tend to go for a particular product available in the market for different reasons. The decision to purchase a given item in the market is influenced by many factors. Some of the factors that would directly determine whether the consumer would go for a given product may be environmental, or the manner in which the product was marketed by the producer.

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Marketing is also vital in affecting the decision by a customer to buy a product. A company that markets its items successfully is well endowed at changing the mindset of the customers in a positive way towards buying the product. Marketing can help especially in the event that the company has such incentives as promotional services (Kendrick, 1998). For example, the moment the company releases the Nintendo Wii product to the market, they can give discounts to the first twenty people who buy the product.

Kendrick, A. (1998). Promotional products vs price promotion in fostering customer loyalty: a report of two controlled field experiments. Journal Of Services Marketing, 12(4), 312-326. doi:10.1108/08876049810226982

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