Customer satisfaction in restaurant industry

Customer satisfaction in restaurant industry

Customer satisfaction in restaurant industry

In today’s world service industry has dominated the business world, with many services businesses seeking to become more commercial and gain competitive advantage by focusing on the service quality and customer satisfaction.  As a result of increased competition among business in the restaurant business, firm have become a concern with customers’ post-purchase behavior in the aim of making their business outstanding and competitive and improving profitability.

At the same time, customers have become more demanding on the quality of service offered intensifying the competition. Arguably, the quality of services might not be adequate as a source of competitive advantage because there are other aspects that have to be concerned such as customer’s value because it is a strategic driver for differentiating firms operating in a service industry (Carder & Gunter, 2001, p. 108).

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The role of the physical environment in influencing behaviors among customers is very crucial in the service industry including a restaurant industry. Customers sense is physical surrounding before, during and after receiving services while dining in a restaurant. Physical setting such as layout, décor, artifacts and music determines the level of customers’ satisfaction and customers’ behavior.

Perceived values are an important aspect that influence customers’ satisfaction and behavioral intentions in a restaurant setting. it is crucial for hoteliers to understand that there are cultural factors that influence customers’ satisfaction and their purchase behavior to avoid failure in the restaurant industry. Restaurant should adopt customer oriented service to improve the level of customer’s satisfaction.

Abdelhamied, H. H. (2011). Customers’ perceptions of floating restaurants in Egypt. Anatolia– An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research, 22(01), 1-15.

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