Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Plan

During the early process of development, child’s brain takes everything offered by the environment. The setting a child is brought up challenge and motivate children in their first preparation for child education. Early childhood education shapes life foundation to promote academic and mental development among children.

There are numerous characteristics that are required in early childhood education in offering high-quality education including well-trained educator to understand and provide for the needs of children, involvement of playful activities, education that is child-oriented where a child is given choices and strong parent involvement.

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Curriculum plan provides a consistent learning and development process in cognitive, language, social-emotional and physical aspects.  The plan maximizes the learning process among children through the use of daily routines and schedules (Deiner, 2013).

The mission statement for the curriculum plan is to provide a safe school environment for promoting early care and education experience that stimulate cognitive, physical and socio-emotional among preschool children. The goal of the curriculum plan is to support among children of becoming long life learners.

Deiner, P. L. (2013). Inclusive early childhood education: Development, resources, practice. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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