Cultural trends

Cultural trends

Cultural trends.

Cultural trends: Culture denotes the system of knowledge established with time and shared in acceptance by a distinct group of people through succeeding generations. These aspects include beliefs, experiences, values, knowledge, attitudes, hierarchies, religion, notions, roles, spatial relations, and concepts relating to the universe among others.

The existing culture is passed to the succeeding generations either individually or via groups as the represented people strive to ensure that their ways remain in-line even with variations in generations.

However, cultural trends today indicate incessant diversity as compared to ancient tendencies with broader adoption of multiculturalism (Clyne & Jupp, 2011). As worldly changes take pace, people of different cultures continue to conform to these changes by altering some of their beliefs or values to accommodate aspects from other cultures.

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much meaning and cultural value as they did in the past eras. Notably, the only change evident is encircles the mannerisms through which the ceremonies are conducted.

Thus, both households embrace each other through friendships formed between in-laws as an extension of the married couple. Companionship and procreation remain the core purposes for marriage although cultural trends present other intents for marriage such as gain of nationality for foreigners in certain countries alongside financial stability for others.

These trends indicate incessant variations in most cultural aspects regardless of the represented community solely because most communities continue to find it more effective to rely on multiculturalism than remain enclosed in their own cultural regimes.


Clyne, M., & Jupp, J. (2011). Multiculturalism and Integration: A Harmonious Relationship. S.l.: ANU E Press.

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