Cultural Neutral Assessment

Culture refers to the totality of living, beliefs, value, behavioral norms and the manner of communication of a given group of individuals. It indicates significance of culture in people’s lives. However, it is an indication that the whole issue of culture is pervasive (Archer., 1996). It is not definite that it would turn out that for a given individual. Culture in itself is an indication that it is a behavior that one would have to learn. It is not entirely genetically determined considering that one has to learn from the environment that they need to act in a particular way.

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Children for instance, who come from a cultural background that is looked down upon would be severely affected when it comes to their personal self-esteem. It would result in a society that has little regard for the other cultures. The end effect is the increase in the notion that a given culture is more superior to the others. It calls for the need to have a selection process that is effective as much as possible.

Archer, M. S. (1996). Culture and agency: The place of culture in social theory. Cambridge
University Press.

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