Cultural Art Michelangelo

Cultural Art Michelangelo

Cultural Art Michelangelo.

Cultural Art Michelangelo: Michelangelo was an Italian architect, painter, poet, engineer, and sculptor of high resurgence. He exercised an incomparable impact on the growth of western art.

In spite of, making few expeditions beyond the arts, his flexibility in the fields he took up was of a great order. He alongside his compatriot, Leonardo da Vinci are perceived as contenders for the award of the archetypal resurgence man.

Michelangelo was the best artist of his time, and since then he has been ranked as the best of all time. His works of art are still in existence and are ranked among the finest.

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a community’s tradition. The application of artistic symbols is perceive as a mark of knowledge. Other traditional and cultural symbols portray human behavior, shapes of objects, animal behavior, attitudes, and historical events. In fact, the artistic symbols continue to evolve as new impacts influence communities.

For instance, the Adinkra cloth of the Asante community, it is an example of a few traditional garments in Africa.The cloth is printed or stamped with Adinkra signs. The cloth was until now the preservation of the monarchs and spiritual spearheads of the Asantes (Cooper, 1978).

They put it on during very vital sanctified ceremonies. Since, all people know the symbols used in their communities and those used universally. Changing this symbol would serve a purpose of confusing their meaning; hence, they should remain the same.


Moe, D. (1985). Christian symbols handbook: Commentary & patterns for traditional and contemporary symbols. Minneapolis, Minn: Augsburg Pub. House.

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