Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's Disease

Crohn’s Disease

At two in the morning when most people are sound asleep, Anthony is up throwing up and in terrible pain because of his Crohn’s disease that has affected his health for several years. Crohn’s disease is a disorder that causes ten inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract or the digestive system. The cause of Crohn’s disease is unknown despite its increasing rate of development among several people. The prevalence of Crohn’s disease is high in western countries compared to other regions. The ratio of the infected is 7:1:100000. Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory process of the digestive tract. This disease can affect any part of the digestive tract inclusive of the mouth to the anus.

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The small intestines or ileum and the large intestine or colon are the most affected parts of the digestive tract by Crohn’s disease.The people who have Crohn’s disease experience symptomatic relapse and remission periods. This disease appears in another form called ulcerative colitis. Crohn’s disease is said to be common among the western regions inclusive of Northern America and Western Europe. The number increased from 8 to 201 in 2003/2004, in the United States (Tersigni & Prantera, 9). The incidence rate of the disease has stabilized or increased slightly in most western countries.

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