Crito paper

The Crito constitutes the dialogue between Socrates and his friend, Crito. The dialogue between the two friends takes place in a prison where Socrates is confined awaiting his execution. Crito visits Socrates with the intention of persuading him to escape from prison and seek exile in a neighboring city. As the dialogue unfolds, Crito utilizes different arguments to convince Socrates to escape from prison. He even informs Socrates that the arrangements for his escape are ready, and he has all the support of his friends and majority of the people in the city. Socrates is, however, reluctant to escape from prison, and he considers his friend’s arguments as unsatisfactory.

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The entire city and its laws will be destroyed should he choose to escape from prison. It will be unjust to inflict such harm on the city since he considers the city as his parents. The city has nurtured him his entire life, and he has an unspoken agreement with the city. Escaping from the city will, therefore, constitute a breach of the agreement.

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