Critiquing Internet Sources

The internet has details about different topics presented in the form of blogs, podcasts and videos. This paper will conduct a critique of a blog, podcast and video; one each, which specifically give information on bullying. The paper will assess whether the author has used any form of bias, their validity, and how practical the advice is, in whether it can be applied in real life situations. The paper will also examine the influence that web based information has on global citizenship and multicultural understanding.

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There are many young people who have taken their own lives just because they were bullied by their peers. One begins to wonder whether there is anything that could have been done to prevent such deaths. Other people in the society should also take part in preventing bullying from taking place. There are many bystanders that just watch as other people are bullied instead of speaking up against it. If more people could stand up against bullies, it would send out the message that bullying is unwelcome.

Dockrey, W.2014. College senior credits supportive relationships as essential to bullying
relationships as essential to bullying prevention. Accessed 18th February 2015 from

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