Critique of the Performance Management Process

Performance management process is a common trend in the human resource department in an organization. Most of the people do confuse the difference between performance appraisal and the performance management process. As performance appraisal is basically concerned with the rewarding of the best employee in the organization, performance management process deals with all the activities related to running of affairs within the company (Porter, 2008). A good performance management process goes beyond the usual process of boosting the morale of the staff to ensuring the effective operations of the business.

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The temporal relationship between the two components is that one cannot go without the other. A personal rating goes hand in hand with the management rewarding. One has to connect with the other component for any meaningful relationship to be there. The negative effects that would arise when the two components are not addressed are varied. For instance, an organization that does not encourage hard work amongst all the employees within the company may not achieve its goal.

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