Critique of Research Articles

Critique of Research Articles

Critique of Research Articles.

Critique of Research Articles: According to Beck (2009) every healthcare practitioner requires the ability to critique research which is fundamental to their ability to base their practice on evidence obtained from research (Beck, 2009).

Accordingly, this paper seeks to demonstrate this ability by critiquing two research studies that utilized qualitative and quantitative research approaches respectively.

The articles under review are Hand Hygiene Practices: Nursing Students’ Perceptions by Rachael Barrett and Jacqueline Randle and Impact of the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) System on Medication Administration Errors by Mary Davis Doyle.

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which elicited significant the dearth of information regarding bar coding. According to the review, preceding study reports exhibited continued disparity in data detection approaches, measurements, and analysis, indicating the need or opportunities for further study and improvement.

Conceptual Underpinning:  The researcher offered a conceptual definition of the key concepts of medication errors. And the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) approach. This was useful in assisting the reader understand the incidence of medication errors. And their  implications on quality of care as well as the need for interventions such as the one being investigated.

The author also clearly stated the theoretical basis of the research. Whereby the researcher chose to use the Rogers’ (1995) organizational diffusion of innovations (ODOI) theory. This information was provided in the concluding section of the statement of the problem section in the introductory chapter.


Barrett, R., & Randle, J. (2008). Hand hygiene practices: nursing students’ perceptions. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 17(14), 1851-1857.

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