Critical thinking for integration

Critical thinking for integration

Critical thinking for integration

Forums should be created where ideas are generated that will be key to solving the problems in the world today. In this paper, I will employ several research design techniques to test this hypothesis. Hence, the research design includes semi-experimental, experimental, descriptive and correlational. I will not use literature review in my study as this will limit the amount of information I will receive.Through interviewing several doctors in the USA, they confirmed that many symptoms of low serotonin levels are related to obesity. Therefore, the symptoms include lack of exercise, nutritional deficiencies, poor diet and alcohol use (Wang, 2011, p. 245). In addition, doctors recommend the affected to have adequate sleep, avoid alcohol use and consider the intake of right amounts of food at the right time.

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Shedding off that extra fat also leads to a reduction in the level of depression in people. To avoid low levels of serotonin and hence obesity many methods were outline. Hence, among them include, employing a family physician who will help you craft out the best diet and exercise program. Parents are also encourage to seek out the services of a psychiatrist and a nutritionist (Bean, 2011, p. 97). Therefore, from this study, it is apparent that low levels of Serotonin are highly correlated with the likelihood of being obese.

Akyol, Z., & Garrison, D. R. (2013). Educational communities of inquiry: Theoretical framework, research, and practice. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

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