Critical thinking and ethics

Critical thinking and ethics

Critical thinking and ethics

The rules and principles guiding critical thinking are not applicable to ethical reasoning. This is because the two issues do not concern the same thing in fact they are completely different things. Critical thinking is applied when one is subjected to possibilities that need cognition of some sort while ethical reasoning refers to the perception of the behaviors of mankind. Nevertheless, these two concepts have a relationship that includes judging and observing things. In critical thinking, one judges the different forms of observations that they make; an example is when deciding whether gay marriages should be allowed.

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Furthermore, in critical thinking, one can decide which matter is more morally correct than the other since almost all the underlying principles and their consequences will be studied. An example is that which we used in the previous paragraph that involves nursing profession. In nursing when one critically thinks about their profession and how it may impact the society or the individuals you are dealing with, that is the patients, one is able to know what is morally right and wrong. Issues like carefully handling them with caution and cleanliness make up both their profession and the morals expected by the society (Elder, 2006).

Elder, L. (2006). Thinker’s Guide to the Art of Socratic Questioning. Foundation Critical Thinking.

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