Critical thinking ability in the context of nursing practice

Critical thinking ability in the context of nursing practice

Critical thinking ability in the context of nursing practice

Nursing education has implemented critical thinking as an essential skill for the past 50 years. There are several definitions of critical thinking in the nursing profession. According to the American Philosophical Association, critical thinking is a purposeful and self-regulatory requirement that makes use of cognitive tools such as analysis, interpretation, inference, analysis and explanation of the methodological and conceptual considerations which are used to make judgments.

Every clinician is required to develop critical thinking habits, but they are unable to completely escape the situatedness and structures in the clinical traditions in which they must act quickly and make decisions I specific clinical situations (Benner, Hughes, & Sutphen, 2009).

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The society has high expectation on nurses which is dependent on their continual learning, professional accountability, the level of decision making and the ability to solve critical problems. When these practices are implemented, nurses would gain their trust to the entire society that indeed, they are only equipped with technical experience, but also critical thinking skills which are imperative in the profession.

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