Critical thinking

In the past semester, I learned that there is need for an individual self to actively embrace clear, reasoned thinking in order to conceptualize, apply, analyze, evaluate, and/or fuse information collected from observation, reflection, experience, communication, or reasoning to guide them to belief and action. As such, a solution to most of the world’s problems is based on the call to critical thinking. This paper is a reflection of critical thinking. It answers the question whether I am a critical thinker or how the knowledge about critical thinking has affected my major belief. In addition, I focus on my areas of bias and how I minimize the impact of the bias.

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To avoid bias I have decided to embrace the qualities of a critical thinker in every aspect of life. These include being a truth-seeker, open-minded, analytical, systematic, self-confident, and inquisitive. If I practice these virtues I am sure that all decisions I make will be from a critical point of view. I will also need to stop making rush decisions.

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