Critical Analysis on a Comparison of Works

Critical Analysis on a Comparison of Works

Critical Analysis on a Comparison of Works.

Critical Analysis on a Comparison of Works: Talking with the Devil by Paulo Coelho and Eveline by James Joyce show a significant similarity. The two stories portray the element of fear as a common phenomenon facing individuals.

However, the stories portray different ways through which individuals face their fears leading to different results. In this analysis, there is need to analyse the theme of fear in each story and the application in real life.

To successfully do this, there is need for the reader to understand and have familiarity with a summary of each of the two stories, especially by understanding the main characters involved. The analysis writes a summary of the two stories followed by a comparison involving the theme of fear as illustrated in the two texts.

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This shows that the man’s fear of the unknown future does not prevent him from living happily today and taking risks. This response from the man disappoints the devil causing him to walk away and tempt weaker people. In a way, the man’s response to the devil’s challenge conquers fear.

However, the main character in Eveline responds to fear in a whole different way. Her fear of leaving her past life and having a better life with Frank is curtailed by fear. She fails to take a risk in regard to her future due to her fear of her past. She lacks the courage to enter into the boat with Frank.

Eveline’s response to her fears makes fear triumphant and displays her as the weaker people the devil refers to in the first story. In conclusion, fear is an element in both stories. However, the two characters handle it differently. The man conquers fear while Eveline is conquered by fear.

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