criteria you will use to segment your market

IGlass is a type of an eye glasses, which is intended to improve the user’s communication and viewing experience. The iGlass is able to display images and play videos in real time. The glasses also have texting and voice communication with an in-built social media sharing features. The glasses processing power is handled by an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Their display elements stream through Airplay and should be operated while worn on the eyes.

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geographical difference of its customers’ locations while pricing this product.
Finally, Demographic segmentation is also possible especially because the users of iGlass behave differently depending on their demographic characteristics such as life cycle, occupation, education, and nationality among others (Dibb & Simkin, 2013). The ability of the company to choose the market segmentation approach that leads to maximum returns is key to ensuring that the iGlasses improve its profitability.

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