Criminology Theory- Primal Fear

Criminology Theory- Primal Fear

Criminology Theory- Primal Fear

Primal Fear is a crime based movie from the 90’s that leads to eventful activities in a court of law about a murder crime. Criminology theories aim to describe he reasons for crime and how criminals or suspected criminals take that course of action at one point in their lives. Crime is ideally what is defined as illegal by law of a land especially that which affects the lives of others in the society. Murder cases for instance are ranked among the top most crimes in the world. Crimes against human kind are punishable by death or ultimate lifetime imprisonment. Primal Fear is however one of those movies that leaves its audience in suspense because the person who commits murder actually goes free.

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Lawyers are one way of solving crimes by the way they implement laws and legal rights provided by the constitution. Through criminology theories, the crime of murder against the archbishop went unpunished regardless of the prowess of the prosecutor. The theories applied might have contradicted their evidence thus the jury went for the best possible choice which is solving murder resulting from insanity by letting the defendant go free. Criminology theories in the end help some defendants but sometimes are harsh to them. In this scenario, the defendant was in luck.

DeKeseredy, W. S., & Perry, B. (2006). Advancing critical criminology: Theory and application. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

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