Criminological Theory

Criminological Theory

Criminological Theory

There are many theories that are used in criminology to explain criminal activities of individuals and groups. These theories help a lot in explaining the reason that made an individual to commit criminal activities.

The theories are widely used in the study of criminology. This paper will lay an exclusive focus on the choice theory and the social disorganization theory, and I will also use the theories in explaining the criminal activities of James whitey Bulger.

James whitey Bulger criminal activities are widely documented in the world today. He engaged in serial killing, robbery with violence, bank robbery, drug trafficking and money laundering activities.  At one time, he appeared as one of the second most wanted criminal in the United States.

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According to the choice or classical theory, it is possible to predict that an individual will commit a crime. According to the theory, if there are no strict punishments that are set by the society to deter crimes, there is a high possibility that individuals will choose to commit crimes. They will feel that the laws are not rigid and committing crimes is rewarding.

The above could explain the main reason James engaged in criminal activities. The classical theory can also be used to help in the prevention of a similar crime from occurring. Nationally and globally. According to this theory, if strict punishment were administered to those who commit crimes, individuals will be discouraged to commit crimes. Strict punishment will prevent crimes nationally and globally.

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