Criminal Profiling fact or fiction

Criminal Profiling fact or fiction

Criminal Profiling fact or fiction

Public has been  more attracted to few areas of forensic psychology, but there is a lot of misconception about the whole idea of what forensic psychology entails more than it is in criminal profiling (Ramsland, 2014). Forensic psychology has enjoyed popularity since mid- 1990s in both academic setting and media. It is even the most selling specialty in the whole field of psychology (Ramsland, 2014).

Among the driving force for its popularity could be the profusion of great fiction work mostly in films and television.  According to American Psychological Association forensic, psychology refers to application clinical specialists in the legal field (Canter, 2014).

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Criminal profiling will not fade away but will continue to gain popularity despite fascinating challenges it poses to empirical research (Prins, 2010). The idea of playing around with and learning the mind of criminal is among the thing that makes the field get a lot of popularity.

Not only the fiction writer but also students who also finds it fascinating (Keane, Buckley & Miller, 2003). Although profiling has been useful in case still may not replace other good investigation methods.

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