Criminal justice

Criminal justice

Criminal justice

There are many policing styles to be undertaken by most law enforcement agencies and some segments operating under them. The law has to be respected and applied to the letter in order to maintain peace and order among different individuals within various societies. However, if not well applied to; there will be many arising social problems related to law cases. Justice is the fundamental right to everyone regardless of their social class, gender or race. But when it comes to criminal justice, the law must take its own course for justice to prevail (Frank, 2006).

Basically, the following are two selected policing styles to critically analyze the concept of law enforcement.

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All these three milestones show and precisely explain how far we have come and the strategies put in place to enhance growth and development in all spheres (Lehman, 2005). The watchman and legalistic policing styles are very essential in all law enactment units and even in their operating agencies. By employing this kind of styles, the law should be respected by all citizens hence, promoting peace and unity among individuals in different societies.

Frank, N. (2006). Policing corporate crime: A typology of enforcement styles. Justice Quarterly, 235-251.

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