Crime Scene Dynamics

Crime Scene Dynamics

Crime Scene Dynamics.

Crime Scene Dynamics:  Crime can be defined as any act that leads to violation of the law that mostly leads to punishment upon conviction.  Criminal acts may include: drug offences, motor vehicle offences, criminal code offences against civilians or property and any other statute offences.  Crime is said to be about the people, places and situations.

There are programs such as community crime prevention strategies that aim to change the infrastructure of the community, the physical environment and culture in order to reduce crimes in the society. They include activities such as urban and physical design, community policing, neighborhood watch and multi-disciplinary watch.

These strategies seek to engage community, residents, religious organizations and local government agencies in trying to look for solutions to community crime and disorder.

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the owner of the car taking time to roll up the windows, lock all the doors, and simply caring your car keys.

Leaving vehicles unattended to especially at night increases the chances of robbery. Therefore it is upon the people to be responsible with their own cars. Another possible solution would be to discourage one to stop putting names or addresses on the key ring.

By doing this, it will be easy for the thief to know the exact location of one’s car.  In conclusion other possible solution rests upon an individual ability to recognize suspicious habits by potential burglars. Therefore it is important to be always careful and be our neighbor’s keeper for peaceful coexistence.


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