Crime after Crime

Crime after Crime

Crime after Crime

Domestic violence roams in almost every homestead and when the situation becomes out of hand its consequences becomes dire, some ends up being messy where the partners involved in the dispute end up killing one another, children are left as orphans and when not left under their close relatives care, they are taken by the children department under state’s care.

Yoav Potash clearly indicates the pain and anguish that one lady, Debbie paegler under goes in her relationship with Oliver, her late boyfriend which are narrated aftermath in her quest for freedom in the film “crime after crime”, after serving more than twenty years at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California after she was convicted of killing her boyfriend.

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Constitutionally, Debbie’s lawyers argues that had Debbie been lawfully convicted well under second degree of murder and within the deal that the attorney of Debbie had made with the prosecution in pleading guilty of second degree murder, she would not have served more than 6 years in prison because she had not killed olive herself but had something to do with it.

Crime after crime shows that Debbie’s  relative had no objection to Debbie going home, this shows that her people sympathizes with her situation and understands the circumstances that led to her imprisonment. Debbie disbelief in that Safran and Costa could win her freedom shows the mistrust that individual had on the judicial system.

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