“Crime after Crime” in Sociology

“Crime after Crime” in Sociology

Crime after Crime” in Sociology

“Crime after Crime” in Sociology: “Crime after Crime” is a documentary film about the life experiences of Debbie Peagler and her husband, Oliver Wilson. Wilson was highly abusive and had forced his wife to be a prostitute. Peagler had sought the help of the police in, but all was in vain. Her family hired a gang in their neighborhood to scare Wilson, though they ended up killing him. Peagler had been charged as an accomplice to the murder crime, and the court sentenced her 25 years in imprisonment. There are many individuals who end up suffering in the arms of justice system for crimes that they were the victims.

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It is essential for the state to have laws that ensure social justice is served to all citizens. The authorities also need to be efficient in their service because if they had addressed Peagler’s grievances; her family would not have hired the gang that took Wilson’s life.

Work cited
Summers, Randal W. Domestic Violence: A Global View. Westport, Conn. [u.a.: Greenwood Press, 2002. Print.

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