credential society

A credential society is a type of society where the determination of eligibility for jobs is determined by degrees or diplomas. The degree and diploma may, however, be irrelevant in the actual work. Credentials serve as the badges for capacity and ability. Credentials also help to sort and screen individuals to shortlist in a job. The essence of mass education is to give individuals the credentials of a job. The employers assume that the individuals who have the diploma and degree have demonstrated to be responsible, consistent, presumable, and basic skills. The credentials have enabled the employers to pick from a pool of job seekers (Collins, 2001).

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When every person accesses every detail of a course of action, it might become very difficult to handle the public because they would get exactly what is required. In my case, if there was no gatekeeping, the process of recruitment could have been very difficult. Gatekeeping help in saving the society resources. Gatekeeping also sees to it that the people who are best suited to take a challenge or an activity take it. It promotes service delivery and transmission of knowledge and skills. However, gatekeeping exists to some extent to protect the interests of powerful individuals through restricting inflow of exceptional skills.

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