Creativity Crisis

Creativity Crisis

Creativity Crisis

Almost every scholar has suggested that creative thinking is at the core of every learning process as well as the root of every breakthrough especially in today’s world. Indeed, I affirm that the education system does limit the creative freedom for the students to explore their big ideas as well as implement them. In fact, schools have consistently been accused of becoming a means of programming the students rather than facilitating a platform for them to discover new ideas as well as grow these ideas to self-realization. Indeed, this has led to a debacle with education stakeholders where the crisis of whether the educational system is training students for useful students who can create quality and market-driven products or rather the adults that are trained to respond to certain situations such as induced stimulus in the predetermined methods such as rats in a scientific lab (Craft, A, (Ed.), 2005, p.15).

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In conclusion, schools tend to encourage heavily the learners to expand on the academic performances rather than seek a balance on how they can also train them on outgoing skills as well as other relevant arts that require creativity that are mostly needed in work field situations. The schools should create more platforms for the students. This is for the freedom of expressing their young ideas. As long as they correlate with the ethics and policies of the school.

Craft, A. (Ed.). (2005). Creativity in schools: Tensions and dilemmas. Psychology Press.

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