Creationism: Creationism refers to the upheld religious beliefs that human life, Earth and the Universe at large are all chief contributors to the creation of supernatural worldly forms.

These beliefs aim at reconciling worldly occurrences with the Abrahamic narrative of creation that disregards science in its depiction of the world. This controversy between the role of science and that depicted in the Abrahamic narrative of creation in the formation of certain forms of the world makes it difficult to introduce the concept of creationism in schools.

Creationism contends that scientific explanations merely stifle ideas and conform them to match their desired understanding especially when passing the knowledge to students.

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valleys in the land. This automatically disqualifies the claim that “The Great Flood” was responsible for forms such as sandstones and springs.

The article indicates that the Manitou Springs form as a result of colossal marine transgression. Whereas similar formations have been seen in regions such as Northern America. Escalating the probability of scientific causes rather than the flood’s aftermath (Newton, 1).

The shallowness of creationism as a concept seeking to explain earthly formations makes it irrelevant in the education system. Schools need a platform on which all formations can be explaine using diverse. And indiscriminative techniques that do not necessarily focus on prior beliefs particularly depicted in the bible. These reasons prove beyond doubt that creationism cannot be introduced and utilized in schools.

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