Creating A Psychographic Profile

Psychographic focuses on the study of values, opinions, interest and lifestyles. Psychographics is used to study trends in a market and when combined with demographics a company can segment the market. A psychographic profile is important in market research. It allows a business to profile various consumers hence segment the market successfully, thereby maximizing sales in different markets. Psychographic profile uses the concept of activities, interest, and opinions (AIO). AIO are the characteristics of a consumer and simply give insight on the likes and dislikes of a person (Tierney & Pfister, 2009). The person conducting research on activities, interest, and opinions makes lengthy questions, and the consumers are requested to identify whether they disagree or agree with the statements.

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She is interested in phones with high quality cameras because she loves taking photos, and her phone is always with her to capture important moments. She is also interested in the latest iphones because it is good to keep upgrading phones to enjoy latest features.
A phone is an important gadget, and she would not imagine her life without one. A good phone has a long-lasting battery, and she does not have keep charging her phone.

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