Crafting Strategies

Crafting Strategies

Crafting Strategies

The dell website describes the dell computer products available in the market. It tries to build a good customer image by describing its commitment to providing quality products. It also describes it marketing strategy and philosophy of dealing with a customer on a one on one basis. This is normally through some online forums, help and search services, customer support that develop closeness with the customer inspiring customer loyalty.

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They should also have different outlets and branches in the different countries. This is because different consumers have different needs and matching the tastes of each one of them is the key to success. The outlet helps in the distribution and the provision of customer services in the country. These draw the company near to the consumer therefore developing closeness and improving sales.

The management is also key to a good international marketing strategy. It should be decentralized to the different branches of the countries. Decentralization helps to identify better business opportunities in the different countries, promoting investment and profits.

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