Courts and Juries

Courts and Juries

Courts and Juries

The OJ Simpson case highlighted one major flaw in the criminal trial system, the fact that Simpson was arrested on grounds that he was responsible for his wife’s and her fiancé’s deaths shows the many assumptions that are made in the trail system. Moreover, trying the glove on was to determine if he was the killer as they believed the glove was worn by the murderer was another major flaw (Raptopoulos, 2014).

Supposing Simpson’s hand fit in the glove, and he was never at the scene or maybe Simpson was responsible but the glove was a cover up? The trial process was based on many assumptions, which the criminal trial system should avoid.

The media coverage plays a significant part in such cases as Simpson’s.

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Despite the pressures existing and the weight of the case on the public sphere, the jury had to make the proper verdict and uphold the rule of law. However, another side of the jury is evident, despite efforts to apprehend the culprit and all other possible suspects; the entire weight is placed on Simpson due to his fame. There are no other witnesses or suspects in the case, which questions how the jury reached a decision with one side of the story.

Boyes, Q. (2014). The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial: 20 years later the “trial of the century” reverberates. Retrieved 3 April 2015, from

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