Courtly Love

Courtly Love

Courtly Love

Courtly love is a European middle age conception of love that defined the behavior between a knight and a liege lord as lovers. Courtly love involves various interactive practices by the knight in a bid to win the love of the Lord that brought out chivalrous romance. The knight love made him served his lady with obedience and compliance for him to be worthy of her love and favor (David& James 46).

Courtly love was the fictional conception of love whose inception can be traced to the troubadour poetry of Aquitaine and Provence in late 11th to 12th century in Aquitaine, France and later spread across Europe. It was inspired and influenced by Queen first of France named; Eleanor of Aquitaine and her daughter Marie, Countess of Champagne. By the 13th century, the troubadour philosophy had become a common phenomenon in Europe, and up to today, its effects are present in the Western culture (David& James  46).

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Today, courtly love is still practiced at the start of relationships and falling in love. Men still pursue the ladies, but in this case, they are usually unmarried. Courtly love is essential today, as women are at liberty to identify and date men they feel that are loving and caring based on how they behave and pursue them. It also creates happiness and entertainment for all people who listen and watch movies and songs with this theme.

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