Course Reflection

Course Reflection

Course Reflection

Course Reflection:Servant leadership is one of the oldest models of leadership. I agree with this type of leadership. The main reason I agree with this type of leadership is because, l feel that this is the only type of leadership style that demonstrates the true sense of leadership. Leaders who embrace the leadership style are leaders who are visionary.

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I still believe that this style is relevant in the modern society. This style is relevant because the modern organizations call for good leadership where the needs of all stakeholders are met. The style provides a great way of changing the way organizations are governed (Blanchard, 1999). It is also a way of creating sensible leaders who cater for the needs of everyone in the society as demanded by modern organizations.

Blanchard, K. (1999). Servant Leadership.
Gill, E. (2013). Servant Leadership: Quotes and Definition of the Model.

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