Couples with children with autism

Couples with children with autism

Couples with children with autism

Parent with children diagnosed with autism usually undergoes a number of challenges that could be financial in nature or even psychological. The physical and emotional strain exerted on the couple may adversely affect their relationship as well their family. This is usually because couples parenting a child with autism are often judged by the society, lack sufficient social support and are always worried about the welfare of their autistic child.

Considering the magnitude and severity of challenges posed by parenting for a child with special needs, most parents require unique life skills and competencies as well as coping strategies in order to continue supporting their family.

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One of the implications is that communication is key in ensuring that relationships become stronger. Furthermore, the articles indicate the importance of the social support system. Social support from the community, the government, the family and friends are very important into the well being of the couple and their child.

Interventions strategies must focus on helping parents distinguish between the roles and commitments both as parents and marriage partner. The psychotherapist must also assist the couples parenting an ASD child to develop similar coping strategies as well as find common foundational expectations.

Hock, R. M., Timm, T. M., & Ramisch, J. L. (2012). Parenting children with autism spectrum disorders: a crucible for couple relationships. Child & Family Social Work, 17(4), 406-415.

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