Country with high mortality rates

Country with high mortality rates

Country with high mortality rates

Somalia has a total area of 637,657 Km2 of land and 10,320 Km2 of water. In addition, it is called the Horn of Africa as it occupies the tip of the Red Sea’s gateway Bab el Mandeb and Suez Canal in the shape of a rhino’s horn. Somalia boundaries extend 2340 km. It borders on the Gulf of Aden to the north, Djibouti to the northwest extending58 kilometers.

Ethiopia to the west extending 682 kilometers, Kenya to the southwest extending 682 kilometers, and the Indian Ocean to the east. Hence, it lies between latitudes of 2 and 12 degrees south and north respectively and longitudes of 41 and 52 degrees east. In addition, on the mainland, it has the longest coastline stretching a 3,025 km seaboard. Somalia’s maritime claims are territorial waters of 370 kilometers. It has a few archipelagos and islands on the coast i.e. Saad ad-Din Archipelago and Bajuni Islands (Hassig & Latif, 2008).

Topographically, Somalia is divided into three main regions. Firstly, the northern region is mountainous with high plateaus ranging from 900 meters to peaks of 2,450 meters above sea level to the northeast. Secondly, the second region stretches south and west to the Shebelle River and has a plateau elevated to 685 meters maximum above sea level. Lastly, the third region is between River Jubba and Shebelle and is a low agricultural land extending into a low pastureland in the southwest of River Jubba toward the Kenyan border.

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Nursing Implications
The nurses will achieve this by training the locals and continuously educating them to cooperate.

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