Counter Terrorism and the US Economy

Counter Terrorism and the US Economy

Counter Terrorism and the US Economy.

Counter Terrorism and the US Economy: There are varying ways of defining terrorism. However, terrorism is primarily the illegitimate threat or use of violence to further political objectives. Terrorism is illegitimate because it targets noncombatants and/or civilians.

It is perpetrated by clandestine state agents or non-state actors in contravention of the laws of criminal statutes and war[1]. All nations are fighting terrorism. Each country has own counter terrorism strategy to keep their country safe.

Counter terrorism involves the practice, techniques, tactics, and strategies that are use by governments and militaries to tackle threat of terrorism, both imputed and real. Keeping civilians safe is the fundamental goal of every security agency of any nation.

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In their statement, the Federal Bureau of Investigations state that they are arme with intelligence, unrelenting intestinal fortitude, latest technology, and manpower, and America being the most powerful in the world, they continue to do their best to fight and eliminate terrorism.

Defeating terrorism therefore, requires that these be addressed effectively[2]. A nation whose counter terrorism strategy effectively addresses such issues would be the most effective strategy. Many strategies and tactics with complicated variables can be use to fight War on Terror. History has shown that military strategies are not effective in fighting War on Terror.

However, a combination of intelligence gathering, de-legitimization, policing actions, and information warfare are effective means of fighting terrorism. This makes the United States counter terrorism strategy the most effective.


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