Cost Projection

Cost Projection

Cost Projection

Cost Projection:Child Care and Youth Development – this program will be implemented through a pilot project and then by building numerous child care facilities for the small children of the poor and low-income earners. The strategy is to build a state of the art facility to enable attract even the middle-income children and reduce the effect of the feeling of seclusion among the poor children and youth. The facility will employ highly trained individuals who will be taking care of the small and young children. The facility will have very secure measure and enough playing space and facilities.

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Once the pilot project is successful, the state project will be scaled through funding from the federal government, state government, as well as corporate organization. As the funds are being sourced, the project will be implemented in phases and supposed to be completed in the next five years. The pilot project is simply a small prototype of what the American community should as opposed to exposing the children to the evils in the society inhibiting their growth and development.

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