Correlates of Criminal Behavior

Correlates of Criminal Behavior

Correlates of Criminal Behavior

Correlates of Criminal Behavior:Factors that link with crime are the ones that demonstrate a correlation with criminal behavior incidences. A good example is economic deprivation. It is essential to understand that correlations simply show that there exist a relationship between different variables and they do not show the causes. For instance, there is a connection between juvenile delinquency and failing at school, however, one cannot state that low school achievement automatically lead to delinquency.

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Through the review of articles and works written about correlates of criminal behavior, this essay’s goal will be to compare the criminal behavior correlates in terms of the how they contribute to criminal behavior. The two correlates selected for comparison are race, ethnicity and immigration correlates, and biological correlates.

To conclude, a huge similarity noted among the correlates described above is that males are more significantly involved in crime compared to their female counterparts. However, even though the justice system is cripplingly loaded with male offenders, women are as well involved in crime.

Lundman, R.J. and Kaufman, R. L. (2014). Driving while black: Effects of race, ethnicity, and gender on citizen self-reports of traffic stops and police actions. Report Information from ProQuest.

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