Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Every organization has to adopt a corporate social responsibility for the community. My organization understands the importance of maintaining a corporate social responsibility with the community. My organization corporate responsibility to the community includes the following.
My organization aims at protecting the environment by engaging in environmental friendly practices. In addition, my organization has been in the forefront in promoting a clean and healthy environment (Enbridge). My organization also works towards promoting the welfare of the society. It engages in charity works in

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The organization should ensure that their activities do not cause harm to the environment. They should work hard at ensuring that they operate in ways that promote a clean and healthy environment.
The society is another important component of corporate social responsibility. Organizations should know that they are not in isolation with the community, and so they should ensure that they promote the welfare of the society.

Enbridge. (n.d.). Corporate Social Responsibility. Retrieved November 7, 2014, from

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