Corneal Infections Associated with Contact Lens

Corneal Infections Associated with Contact Lens

Corneal Infections Associated with Contact Lens.

Corneal Infections Associated with Contact Lens: Contact lens provide numerous advantages over eyeglasses as well as in correcting refractive problems. However, a growing concern among public health professionals is rising cases of eye infections and problems that are directly attributable to poor hygiene and care of contact lens.

According to recent studies the contamination of contact lens can result in infections and complications such as dryness symptoms, conjunctivitis and corneal infections such as microbial keratitis which may ultimately lead to loss of vision.

This paper describes the corneal infections associated with the use of contact lens and describes the appropriate practice in contact lens hygiene.

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Specifically, the at risk population for non-compliance behavior include youth, teenagers and wearers of non-silicone hydrogels. Professionals may increase compliance through education and training of patients regarding the risks of noncompliance.

The use of contact lens has been identified as the cause of microbial keratitis and the complications associated with it.  Contact lens have a significant role in undermining the integrity of the corneal epithelium.

Accordingly, proper hygiene in the use of contact lens, lens care solutions, modalities of wearing lens and compliance of lens wearers play a critical role in reducing corneal infections. The challenge for public health professionals is to ensure that all lens wearers are aware of the risk factors and effectively educated on the outcomes of contact lens misuse such as permanent vision loss.


Bui, T., Cavanagh, D., & Robertson, D. (2010). Patient Compliance During Contact Lens Wear: Perceptions, Awareness, and Behavior. Eye Contact Lens, 36(6), 334-339.

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