Continuing Academic Success

Continuing Academic Success

Continuing Academic Success

Self-directed learning is very imperative to the development of an academic and professional development of any student. Being a anesthetic type of learner and with vast professional experience, a self-direct style of learning certainly provides me with the ability to approach my academics from professional practical point of view. Academic success through this style will enable draws relationships and inferences that are beneficial to my career progression

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As a self-direct learner, I intend to learn all critical thinking techniques and practice them in my academics as well as in my post-academic life. To achieve academic success, several university resources will be used in self-direct learning. One of them is the University library, both physical and online.

Knowledge is found in books and other scholarly materials and to achieve success, a reading culture will be enhanced. Other than reading, I intend to engage other student and lecturers in meaningful discussion on various issues and topics with the aim of enriching my knowledge base as well as gain from their guidance.

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