Contingency Planning in Action

Contingency Planning in Action

Contingency Planning in Action

Contingency Planning in Action:Tusk distributors is a company which is a functioning retail store comprising of food stores, and a combination of overall merchandise stores. This company is located in the state of New York County, zip code 00502 standard streets. This company has a strategy that involves presenting fair prices to the client that makes it rather different from other competitors.

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The yearly revenue of Tusk Distributors is usually high due to its diversity as it deals with several product distributions. It comprises of several retail formats which have become very popular form of business in America. They comprise of the discount distribution stores, the Tusk markets and the Supercenters. The specific retail department stores of this company tend to sell a range of mostly electronic products, though focus has now changed towards the supercenters that include additional grocery and food items.

For this company, it is significant to remember that the organizational cultures are delicate and could easily wear away as it merges and grows. Thus, once the culture has been formed, it has to be reinforced constantly so as to be upheld. It is also convenient to create the culture of integrity within the company.

Manatee County (Fla.). (2007). Hazardous materials contingency plan. Bradenton, Fla.: The Division.

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