Continental Drift

Continental Drift

Continental Drift.

Continental Drift: Alfred Wegener Lothar 1880-1930) was a German polar researcher, meteorologist and geophysicist. He proposed his ideas on continental drift in his German book Die Entstehung der Kontinente und Ozeane (The Origin of Continents and Oceans) first published in 1915.

Wegner schooled in Berlin at the Köllnische Gymnasium. He studied physics later, astronomy and metrology. He then obtained a doctorate in astonomy and maintained a strong interest in climatology and metrology and focused his studeies on those afterwards.

And up to World War I, Wegener lectured at the Marburgin University in, applied astronomy, meteorology and cosmic physics. Wegener got a position as a meteorologist at Naval Observatory in Germany (Deutsche Seewarte).

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Despite all the evidence he brought forth, his ideas were widely disputed because of the non-progressive development of ideas he partook. He skipped the conventional path and presented his ideas way ahead of time.

He did not even have time to prove his theories before his untimely death. Wegener also couldn’t prove cause of inadequate technology during his era. The scientist of his age thought of his as too youthful to present ideas on geology.

Forty was the prime age though Wegener put down his proposal in his thirties. Another reason for the resistance was man’s continual resistance to change, especially rapid change. Wegener’s theory was later accepted in the 1960’s and today there is a Memorial site to his name and a tourist information office nearby.


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