Contemporary American Artist Ingrid Calame

Contemporary American Artist Ingrid Calame

Contemporary American Artist Ingrid Calame.

Contemporary American Artist Ingrid Calame: The artist Calame was born in Bronx New York in 1965. She pursued her Bachelors in Film and Art at State University located in New York. She went on to study Masters in Film and Art at California Institute of Arts based in Valencia.

Ingrid traces contours of stains and transforms them into graphic compositions using white gallery walls. Ingrid’s technique simulates the outlook of gestural idea. The meticulous outlining preserves every drop, trickle and splatter of the original stains.

When painting Ingrid combines archived tracings to form layered art works that are representational. Since the 90s Ingrid art has been based on tracing. She goes to locations tracing stains, cracks and marks on the ground.

……..middle of paper…….

The long trails of lines denote palimpsests of velocity. The trails slide upwards and suddenly end at the ceiling. She says that stands for phantom relics of abrupt impact (Scholte 45-46).

Calame is an icon and her work should be appreciated and given the value it deserves. However, most of her works are based in major cities of the world. Calame should consider trying other landscapes like rural areas and developing countries.

There are people who have talent in art but have no one to inspire them. By visiting developing countries, she can help those who have a passion for artwork to prosper. Calame should also consider changing the themes of her paintings as they seem monotonous.

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