Consumption of digital media

Consumption of digital media

Consumption of digital media

It is in the 21st century, that the world has experienced massive developments in the political, economic and even the social aspect of life. This has been brought about by significant developments in technology ever since civilization.

The most important invention of the 21st century, which has contributed to this growth, is the internet (Loon, 2011). The internet has connected every corner of this world.

This means that people can communicate at anytime regardless of their location, with just a click of a button. This has brought cheap, easy as well as efficient means of storing, analyzing and sending information (Ching, 2012).

In this concept, machinery and gadgets that facilitate the sharing, storing and relaying of information have also been invented. Therefore, in this case study I will address digital media, and how it has affected the social context in our society.

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Digital media can be defined as an electronic media of storing data in digital form (Graham, 2013). This is in contrast to analog media as a form of storing, receiving and sending data. The terminology digital media can also be used to mean the technicalities of transmitting, and storing data.

For example, computer networking and hard disk drives belong to these technical aspects of digital media. The final product is also a technical aspect of digital media, as it involves things like; digital signage, digital art, digital audio, digital audio as well as augmented reality (Buckingham, 2008).

In short, digital media comes in different forms, and our society has witnessed its merits as well as a few demerits first hand.

If we were to look at how digital media has affected our society, we would be astonished by the level at which we rely on digital media on a daily basis nowadays.

For starters, if we were to look at relaying of information, digital media applies from our Television signals, to mobile phones signals among many others, in storing analyzing as well as conveying information (Boler, 2008).

There has also been satellite use in intelligence services as well as in controlling and directing signals to designated locations.

The image we see on television makes us more concerned about the looks, personal life, dresses, and activities, instead of what is more important: ability to build the nation. People have failed to focus on what political leaders are doing or have done because of the media propaganda.


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