Consumer behavior and self identity

Consumer behavior and self identity

Consumer behavior and self identity

Consumer behavior theories suggest that consumers can use brands to form and enrich their self identities. That is to say, according to these theories, there exists a positive relationship between the personality of the consumer and the brand itself . Despite all these facts, consumer behavior is still a very difficult area to predict.

The best that it can do is to help predict the most favorable conditions that will lead to the desired outcome, but it cannot be said to be an exact science. Consumer behavior is a very wide area of study, but its studying has revealed a lot of information that has been invaluable to the marketer, the academic and the producers of goods and services.

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Consumer self identity is a part of the factors that contribute in determining the consumer behavior, especially in terms of making purchases. There is a higher chance of a person buying a commodity which will make them feel better about themselves or that will confirm their image about themselves.

In some cases the purchase made is meant to help the customer create or reinforce a persona that they wish to portray to the world around them. Such psychological factors are very strong drivers of behavior and can be easily exploited by firms and marketers to get their products sold.

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